Baylink has significant experience and expertise in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), with our experience spanning nearly all traffic control room, road and tunnel safety and operations systems. We are very experienced in achieving project outcomes in 24/7 operational environments that have safety, operations and revenue implications.

Our experience includes:

  • Option analysis
  • Operational concept development
  • Scoping
  • Business case development
  • Project management
  • Engineering management
  • Design and development management
  • Procurement
  • Test and evaluation
  • Implementation / transition
  • Business continuity / disaster recovery
  • Critical risk reviews
  • Through-life management planning and capital planning.

Our clients have leveraged these services on everything from single system replacements, to projects that impact every road and tunnel system, to projects that enable integrated operations between different and disparate traffic control rooms.

We welcome the opportunity to share our insights and experience and to support organisations to scope, deliver and support their ITS systems.

How can we help you?

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