Baylink staff have significant experience, expertise and insight into the development and management of critical business processes and systems – those that may affect safety, operations, cost or revenue. This experience is born of our engineering and ‘high criticality’ heritage – where an accurate understanding and simplicity are important. Our expertise has been refined as we have applied our Understand – Act – Achieve approach and business process re-engineering and IT system development management across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Examples of our experience include:

  • Developed end-to-end AMI meter installation process and IT business system requirements which has been used to safely install over 1 million smart meters
  • Transformed supply chain management of 1 million-plus e-TAGs through business process re-engineering and outsourcing resulting in 35% OPEX cost reduction and improved KPI performance
  • Resolved audit issues and materially improved serialised asset supply chain management for a major electricity business
  • Analysed, designed and implemented business rules in the field and back-office to ensure that the correct electricity meter configuration is installed given the range of tariff and site condition characteristics for AMI mass rollout and business as usual
  • Re-engineered personal injury claims process in a major insurance provider to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs
  • Re-engineered account opening processes at a Big 4 bank to improve the customer experience and address compliance, risk and legal needs
  • Re-engineered emergency services operational communications to adapt to and leverage new technology communications systems
  • Reduced project cost by $5m (33%) and achieved an improved outcome through the critical review of a system design for a safety critical system

We welcome the opportunity to share our insights and experience and to support organisations to manage their critical business processes and systems to meet their business needs.