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Optimise field services planning and productivity for a large electricity distributor

A strategic review of planning and productivity for a field works program of over 2 million hours per annum with the aim of improving outcomes and efficiency for a large electricity distributor. This resulted in increased work volume within the existing field force and less reliance on specialist and contractor resources.


A large electricity distribution business needed to ensure its resource planning and delivery model provided best utilisation of human capital across state-wide construction and maintenance operations. The client undertook to transform resource planning and scheduling processes with the intent of achieving utilisation and productivity gains across the organisation. Baylink was engaged to undertake the review, optimisation and implementation of revised operating processes and resource management practices.


The key objectives of the transformation project were to:

  • Overcome the challenges of aligning dynamic resource demand (lumpy work volumes due to seasonal effects and outages) with constrained supply of skilled labour.
  • Increase management confidence in its ability to deliver against annually budgeted work programs.
  • Improve organisational efficiency though revised work processes and practices.
  • Achieve financial savings through improved work allocation and reduced reliance on high cost contractor resources.
  • Deliver a cost effective, highly reliable essential service to Victorian consumers.


Baylink initially sought a broad understanding the operational objectives and outcomes that defined company success.

  • Established a review framework, describing the detailed approach to optimisation of the company’s policies, processes, procedures and detailed work instructions that govern resource management.
  • Engaged with senior, mid and operational level business stakeholders to thoroughly review end-to-end processes
  • Developed a revised functional business model and related organisational models to support optimized end-to-end processes.
  • Developed management strategies and facilitated communications to maximise workforce engagement in the changes.


Works planning and organisational efficiency was significantly improved as a result, along with a corresponding increase in confidence in the company’s ability to deliver against the annually budgeted work program.

Additional benefits included;

  • The ability to deliver an increased volume of work without the need to increase the field workforce.
  • Flexibility and scalability in the application of work crews to assigned tasks.
  • Improved efficiency in the use of specialist resources to deliver critical tasks.

Leveraging the increased efficiency resulting from this task, the client adopted a strategy to insource more work and thereby reduce reliance on contractor resources.